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About US

Our Mission

We facilitate collaboration & consensus to accelerate our clients' success, and lead the people side of change, so our clients get the results they want.


Our Story

We both were privileged to work for some of the top companies in the United States in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Wellness industries.  And after decades of experience, learning and leading in professional life, we decided to start our own company; The Bush Group. That was four years ago, and our business has grown and exceeded expectations every year since. The Bush Group consists of two businesses; Bush Group Facilitation, and Bush Group Consulting, specializing in Change Mangement. 

 The Bush Group represents thirty years of our own collective experience, skills and relationships.  Even better, along the way we've built a team of exceptionally talented people, and we're proud of the value they bring our clients every day.

We absolutely love what we do, and we're committed to driving real world results that accelerate success for the clients we serve.​

Our Values:
  • Enjoy life – live life to the fullest, both professionally and personally

  • Live free – Thrive as free and independent people in the world

  • Be real – Be the best version of ourselves; genuine, authentic & honest

  • Love others – Care for friends, family, colleagues and those close to us


Steve Bush

Founder, CEO


Jessalynn Bush

Founder, VP Operations

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