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Guiding Principles

  • We believe a well-designed solution means nothing unless individuals embrace and use it. Therefore, we apply a structured approach to manage change and increase employee adoption, so changes achieve their intended results. 

  • We believe change saturation leads to employee resistance & failed projects. Therefore, we help clients plan, coordinate & sequence their entire portfolio of changes to meet their strategic objectives at a sustainable pace.

  • We believe equipping others is essential to scale or sustain anything. Therefore, we teach & coach clients how to develop their organization’s internal change capabilities. 

  • We believe fostering a positive mindset toward change is a competitive advantage for any organization. Therefore, we help clients build enterprise change capabilities to increase their capacity and responsiveness to change.

Why Us?

  • Top shelf, certified, seasoned change managers

  • Experts in comparative methods; Prosci, Kotter, Bridges, Conner, etc.

  • Strong execution expertise; Agile, Scrum, PMP, Lean, Six Sigma, etc.

  • Broad experience across multiple industries

  • Corporate, Government, Education, Non-profit & NGO

What People are Saying 

Our consultant's extensive knowledge and experience were an invaluable addition to our team. They are a true utility player and were willing to help however possible to not only get the job done, but to get it done well and with everyone on board. They are a highly skilled communicator and uses collaboration to achieve results. Our programs and the organization, are better off for their involvement, and we are incredibly grateful for the foundation they have laid with and for us. They asked the right questions, provided us the necessary tools, and established an environment of change readiness as we continue to build change management capabilities in our organization

 Teri Smith, Manager, OCM

 Sierra Nevada Corporation

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