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Areas of Expertise 


  • Strategic Planning

  • Partnering Sessions

  • Board Facilitation

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Ideation & Brainstorming

  • Executive Retreats

  • Team Formation/ Team Building

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Key Message & Communications

  • Design & Innovation

  • Process Improvement

  • System Analysis

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Prioritization Session

  • Portfolio Selection

Guiding Principles

  • We believe real and lasting change comes from collaborating with others.  Therefore, we facilitate groups to reach outcomes that are created, understood and accepted by all parties. 

  • We believe equipping others is essential to scale or sustain anything.   Therefore, we teach & coach others to do what we do, and how to improve their own facilitation skills. 

  • We believe collaboration & consensus is not limited to small, in-person groups.  Therefore, we specialize in facilitating virtual and large group environments.

Why Us?

Inifac Logo.jpg
  • Top shelf, certified, seasoned professional facilitators

  • 80% of our sessions are for C-suite and executive level

  • Broad experience - 16 industry verticals in 2019 alone

  • Corporate, Government, Education, Non-profit & NGO

  • Global – On-site sessions in 25 different countries

  • Participants from 50% of Fortune 100 companies

"Accomplished more in 4 months than the previous 4 years..."


"I never knew Strategic Planning could be this much fun!...The very best session I’ve ever experienced, ever."


"This was the first public Town Hall comment meeting I’ve ever seen go well… and it was awesome!”   

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