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Virtual Facilitation 

Virtual sessions can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you had to shift quickly from in-person, or are new to virtual meetings.  Relax!  We are experts at facilitating virtual meetings so you and your team can focus on your desired outcomes, in an engaging and collaborative virtual experience.  

  • Virtual Meeting Facilitation – Professional Facilitators to lead your online working session​
    • Virtual meetings can be successful, engaging and cost effective methods of meeting with your team....when done right.  Our virtual facilitators use proven methods to ensure engagement, productivity and results.  And we have experts in any platform you are using (Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, etc.). 


  • Virtual Conference & Event Planning – Create an unforgettable experience for your virtual audience
    • Large group events such as shareholder meetings, strategy off-sites  fundraisers, rewards ceremonies and leadership retreats are an essential element of leading many organizations. Our virtual experts work with your planning team to design and plan a virtual event that replicates the unforgettable experience of your in-person event…even down to the happy hour.

  • Virtual Facilitation Training – Build essential skills to lead great virtual meetings
    • ​Whether you just want to lead more effective meetings with your team, or you aspire to become a professional facilitator, it’s essential to learn how to adapt your facilitation skills to a virtual world.

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