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For any major business change, there's the technical side, and there's the people side.  And while the technical component focuses on the design, build and installation of a change.  Change management focuses on the human component, so the transition goes smoothly and delivers its intended results.  


We deploy professional change managers on your must-win projects to create awareness, buy-in and adoption for your specific transition.  And since we’re also experts in all major execution disciplines (Agile, PMP, Lean, Kaizen, Six Sigma, etc.), we adapt our approach to your chosen framework.

We follow a structured approach that is customized to your specific situation, and we know how to adapt the approach for more iterative environments like Agile.  And we work in tandem with the rest of your team, whether internal resources or external consultants.  

Change Management Plans and Deliverables:

  • Custom change strategy and approach

  • Early executive involvement 

  • Assess change impacts to groups

  • Risk and readiness assessments

  • Communications

  • Coaching executives to be great sponsors

  • Resistance management

  • Training design and delivery

  • Managers coaching employees

  • Sponsor action plans

  • Performance monitoring

  • Collect and analyze feedback

  • Celebration and lessons learned

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