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Virtual Facilitation Training – Build essential skills to lead great virtual meetings

Whether you just want to lead more effective meetings with your team, or you aspire to become a professional facilitator, it’s essential to learn how to adapt your facilitation skills to a virtual world.

Leading Virtual Meetings – This 90-minute workshop helps participants develop the core skills essential to leading engaging and effective virtual meetings.  The course is designed for anyone who leads teams or hosts small or large group meetings. Topics include:

  • How to appear professional virtually

  • Staying on course and on time in a virtual meeting

  • Virtual engagement techniques

  • Managing virtual conversations

  • Detect and resolve dysfunction

  • Documenting your session


The Virtual Facilitator – This one-day session helps participants adapt their face-to-face facilitation method and tools for virtual sessions, learn the various platforms and practice facilitating virtually.  The course is designed for facilitators of all experience levels from the occasional facilitator to the full time professional. In addition to the core skills, this session includes the following:

  • Agenda Setting & Time Management 

  • Starting and ending on time

  • Virtual session agreements

  • The role of the Producer

  • Energy management in virtual sessions

  • Focusing and guiding discussion

  • Advanced engagement techniques

  • Varying your presentation mode

  • Managing dysfunctional behavior

  • Avoiding technology mishaps

  • Redundancy to avoid failure modes

  • Social & after-hours ideas that work

One on One Coaching with Steve Bush – If you want to take your presentation or facilitation skills to the next level, there’s no better way to improve than personal coaching from a seasoned expert. 


Steve Bush is a former U.S. national champion in public speaking, and nationally ranked in collegiate debate.  He is a regular keynote speaker at business conferences both globally and in the U.S.  As a Certified Master Facilitator (CMF), Steve is one of less than fifty people globally who have achieved this designation; the most advanced certification of its kind in the world.


If you’ve seen Steve present, you probably don’t realize there are hundreds of techniques and methods he uses to connect with his audiences.   Steve personally coaches senior executives and business leaders how to be better public speakers and facilitators. 


Now you have the chance, to work personally with Steve to set your presentation goals, design your plan, and work with Steve step-by-step to become the best facilitator and speaker you can be.  Caution: This is not for the faint of heart, or who are content with average results.  

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Facilitation Training

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